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why hydroponics?
low-footprint, available year-round, sustainable

Hydroponics refers to the method of growing virtually any plant without having to embed them into the soil. Some centuries ago, botanists realised that plants absorbed nutrients via the soil that soaks around their roots the soil, acting as a nutrient reservoir material, and as a medium in which plants stabilises itself. If the water supplied to a plant already contains the necessary material and the plants are secured by another method or material, the soil becomes unnecessary.

the advantages of hydroponics

 Hydroponics uses less nutrient material to feed their plants; these exist within a self contained environment that can easily control the waste products. This is much better, as prevents excessive use of fertilisers unlike in the traditional farming where more fertilisers are used, and end up flowing into the rivers and spoiling the water to be used by the humans and the animals

Hydroponics calls for less amount of water and nourishment; in the hydroponics system less water is used since the required water is supplied in fixed proportions and a controlled environment, furthermore, water is recycled in this system. This is very advantageous compared to irrigation where much water is wasted without recycling or in the traditional farming methods. This also reduces the farmers water cost hence lowering the production costs

No soil is needed in this system; gardening is done without any soil and it only uses 10 percent of the water used on the ordinary planting. Furthermore, the plants grown on this method have a higher growth rate compared to the normal planting. The faster growth is contributed by a highly controlled environment with the availability of more oxygen, water and nourishing substances for the plants

Hydroponics can be produced at any season since they grow into their own controlled environment which is controlled and protected from predators like plant eating animals

 Hydroponics provides the exact needs to the plants appropriately; this means that plants will grow fast depending on their genetics and compared to a plant grown to the normal soil, hydroponic plants grow faster and they appear to be much healthier

 Hydroponic plants will grow larger; this is because you have full control over the plants environment to the optimal. However, plants access all the nutrients that they require and in the right proportions. Hydroponic plants are also said to grow 50% faster, this is  because plants do not need to expand their roots to look for nutrients; they are already there in abundance and home hydroponics are said to grow extremely fast

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